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Welcome to the LinuxFocus September/October 2002 issue

[bordeaux] In July, some members of the LinuxFocus team were at the Libre Software Meeting in Bordeaux (France). This meeting seems to improve through the time. This year, a new important topic has been added: computer security. It was a successful attempt since many people attended the conferences. Most of the contributors were well known in the security field: you can check the list at this URL. However, in the real world, computer security stays rather confidential, since a vast majority of users, either professional or not, do not really understand the challenge it represents. An example comes from France, where a magazine dedicated to security called MISC has been launched about a year ago and will probably have to stop its publication due to lack of readers. It is a pity since it was providing very high quality information. But the LSM was not only focusing on security. All the usual topics were represented: documentation, programming, communication, etc. For instance, the Linux Documentation Project announced its reorganization by language teams. Another very important topic that cannot be ignored was present: free software for visually impaired people.
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Last, we can also mention free software for education. These two last deserve a special thanks since they have to "struggle" against very big companies (or at least, a very big one) trying to convince people that they provide the only available solutions. There is, of course, much more to say about LSM. Unfortunately, the lack of space for the editorial and the lack of time in Bordeaux, prevents me from writing a longer report. Anyway, thanks a lot to the LSM people for organizing such a great event.

Georges Tarbouriech

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The LinuxFocus Tip

How to copy a large file onto several floppies? There is certainly more than one solution to this problem but the easiest solution is to use "split" and "cat". Both are standard UNIX commands.
split -b 1420k largefile
This will produce the 1420k big files xaa, xab, ...
Copy them to the floppy disks. To re-assemble them use:
cat xaa xab > largefile
This is even a portable solution. To re-assemble under DOS use:
copy /b xaa + xab largefile /b

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