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On this page I want to share some of my programs and art projects with you. Coding is so much fun. I always feel good when I create something. So here you will find the program to test it and the code with lots and lots of comments so that you should easily be able to understand what I am doing. Feel free to write to me to talk about my coding or art projects. And I'd also like to see your code!

what's new

a shopping list made ready for printing

Here you can find my shopping list. I filled it with lots of items we often need to buy. If I make my list, I simply mark all the items that I want to buy now. Clicking on them again unmarks the item so you can always change your mind about it. And when I am ready I click the "make ready for printing" button and only the items I had selected before are shown.
Here you can see the program in action:
My shopping list
And here it is a bit explained:
My shopping list explained

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