Windows survival kit for Linux geeks

You use Linux every day but one day you end up in-front of a Windows PC. Here are some essentials that will help you survive that day.

Notepad++ text and html editor

Notepad++ supports syntax highlighting for various languages.
Notepad++ is free software (do what you want licence).
Local download:

Araneae, a text and html editor

Light weight editor with syntax highlighting. This is a freeware text editor and it works under Win98, Win2000, WinNT, Xp..
Local download:

To install araneae just double click on it after you have downloaded it.


GPL, from

FTP server

ftpdmin is real free software

putty, a terminal emulator

putty is MIT licensed (a open source license), see

vim, a vi editor

Vim is copyright GPL (see

VNC viewer and server

VNC is copyright GPL (see

Essential batch scripts

Do you get stuck typing ls in the dos shell (cmd.exe)? Here are a few batch scripts to your rescue.
@REM unix alike ls (just keep typing "ls")
@REM to install this just copy the file to c:\Windows\
@echo off
if "%1" == "-l" (
) else (
dir /o /w

@REM unix alike which command (just keep typing "which" )
@REM to install this just copy the file to c:\Windows\
@echo off
where "%1"

copyright: totally free, do what you want

Keep it at a distance: How to enable remote desktop in windows

To enable remote desktop (rdp) on windows you follow the steps shows in the below pictures:

xfreerdp or remmina remote desktop clients for Linux work well and copy/paste should work.
xfreerdp  --plugin cliprdr -u YourUsername -d YourDomain -g 1600x900
If you ever get the error "Error: protocol security negotiation failure" then do this:
rm -rf ~/.freerdp

Guido Socher