Vi/VIM documentation

Why vi? It has been said that vi is cryptic and difficult to learn. This may be partly true, but once you took the steep learning curve you will find that it is a very fast and efficient editor.

Here you find the vi lessons from the Free BSD vilearn package.

vilearn presents a menu of tutorials available for vi. There are five short tutorials, each a text file intended to be edited with vi. The first, Basic Editing, covers the handful of commands required to both navigate all five tutorials and do basic editing. The second tutorial, Moving Efficiently, covers all of the cursor positioning commands. These are the commands used later as arguments to editing commands. Tutorial three, Cutting and Pasting, introduces the first compound commands, numbering, and copy buffers. The Inserting Techniques tutorial continues the discussion of compound commands, while completing the list of insertion commands first discussed in tutorial one.

The final tutorial, Tricks and Timesavers, is less a tutorial than a description of common vi commands which don't fit correctly into normal vi logic.

General Vi stuff

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