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Thyme (Thymus vulgaris).
Thyme's flowers are small white-red.

cut thyme
Thymol, thyme's volatile oil has antiseptic and expectorant properties.

Fresh Thyme can therefore be used to cure ordinary coughs. Coughing, itself, may be beneficial as it helps to clear the airways but one might want to treat it when it becomes too much. Thyme is very common culinary herb but concentrated Thyme oil is toxic.

To prepare a cough medicine based on Thyme we cut fresh Thyme in very small pieces and then mix it either with honey or alcohol (vodka or similar). Thyme and honey makes a nice sweet cough syrup. The Thyme alcohol tincture is a very effective mouth wash when diluted with water.

To cure common coughs adults should take about 1/2 a tea spoon of this honey Thyme syrup or the concentrated Thyme alcohol mixture per day.

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