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Raw propolis chunks
Raw propolis chunks.

propolis tincture
propolis tincture, propolis in alcohol.

propolis ointment
propolis ointment: propolis, beeswax, olive oil.
Bees use propolis to as a sealant for unwanted open spaces in the hive. It creates a sterile environment within the hive. It is a dark, sticky, resin like material. It is an effective treatment for inflammations and viral diseases. It is a natural antibiotic and over thousands of years no bacteria has become resistant to it.

It can be applied externally in ointments or internally as raw chunks and capsules to boost the immune system.

Propolis tincture speeds healing of cold sores.

Propolis tincture can be used to cure herpes simplex infections on the lips and mouth. Aciclovir an Aciclostaticum often use to treat herpes simplex infections on the lips can only be applied externally because you must not swallow it. The herpes simplex virus infects frequently also the mouth. Propolis tincture offers here and effecive treatment.

Propolis ointment (Propolis, Beeswax, oilive oil) is an effective treatment for dry cracked skin or lips in winter. It is very good to cure a sore nose after a cold.

It recommand to get bee product directly from a beekeeper and not from a health suplements store.

Note that about 1% of the population is allergic to bee products. Do not use propolis if you are allergic to it.

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