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Anti-itch medicine for insect bites (mosquito bites)

When you are living in an area with lots of water, rivers and lakes then mosquitoes become a real problem. Protection is never 100% no matter how much insect repellent you use. Here are some recipes to stop the itching that will follow such a mosquito bite.
Broadleaf Plantain, German: Breitwegerich Ribwort Plantain, German: Spitzwegerich

Common Plantain, Plantago major, Snake Weed, Plantago lanceolata [Wegerich]

This unfortunately often as weed discarded plant has some astonishing anti-inflammatory properties. Only the fresh leaves should be used. The plant looses quickly it's anti-inflammatory properties in alcohol extracts or dried form.

Take a whole leave and rub it until the sap starts to come out. Apply it then on parts of the body stung by insects. Plantain is also useful for light burns. On minor wounds it will stay the bleeding and accelerate the healing process. Plantain has some anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properites.

Common Plantain grows best on mineral rich soil between lime stones.

Ammonia, Ammonium Hydroxide solution (NH3 dissolved in water, NH4OH)

Ammonium Hydroxide stops the itch on irritated skin. The solution should have a concentration of 2-3% max. Most stores sell 10% solutions so you have to add some water.

You can prepare an anti-itch cream by mixing a tea spoon of Aloe Vera Gel with a few drops of Ammonium Hydroxide. Note that this cream should be kept in a closed container.

If you want an easy way to apply the pure Ammonium Hydroxide solution (not a cream) then take a small bottle (e.g 10ml), fill it half with a 2% Ammonium Hydroxide solution and press a piece of a sponge it into the bottle neck. Press the sponge deep enough into the bottle such that you can still close it with the cap but only so deep that it comes still out a bit. You have now a "Ammonium Hydroxide felt-tip".

Applied to itching insect bits it will provide immediate relief.

Apply Ammonium Hydroxide only to the spot where the insect stung. Do not use Ammonium Hydroxide on larger skin areas. NH3 penetrates the skin easily and is toxic in large quantities.

Eucalyptus oil

This is a mild natural anti-itch medicine. Apply a bit of Eucalyptus oil on the area of the skin. Eucalyptus is not as strong as Ammonia but it will give relief over time.

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