Even if you use Linux all the time you need once a year a DOS floppy disk. Usually this is to do some hardware settings or Flash a bios. You can get MS DOS boot disks at however they are in a format that you can not use under Linux. So here are 2 boot disks with DOS 6.0 and DOS 6.22 which you can just write to a floppy with the followings command:
bunzip2 theFileYouDownloaded.rawrite.bz2
dd if=theFileYouDownloaded.rawrite of=/dev/fd0
Both disks contain also the vi editor (vim for dos).

dos-6.0.rawrite.bz2, 270655 bytes
dos-6.0.txt (table of content and md5sum)

dos-6.22.rawrite.bz2, 999627 bytes
dos-6.22.txt (table of content and md5sum)

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