Download: blkcrypt package for Linux

blkcrypt contains the source code for 3 block encryption algorithms: des, blowfish, idea
Check first if you are allowed to download and use cryptographic software in your country. If not don't download.

Idea is patented in the US and can be used freely only or non-commercial purposes. Therefore do not use this software for commercial purposes.

Download blkcrypt-1.6.tar.gz

Download blkcrypt-1.5.tar.gz

Download blkcrypt-1.4.tar.gz

Download blkcrypt-1.3.tar.gz

Download blkcrypt-1.2.tar.gz

Download blkcrypt-1.1.tar.gz

I created this set of utilities to easily encrypt files in 1998 and I am maintaining it to this date however many things have changed since then. Openssl is now available on any Linux distribution and you can achieve similar results with the "openssl enc" command.

Here is an example on how to encrypt a file using openssl/blowfish:
openssl enc -bf-cbc -pass pass:mysecret -in plaintext.txt -out notreadable.enc

To decrypt the file "notreadable.enc" use the command:
openssl enc -d -bf-cbc -pass pass:mysecret -in notreadable.enc -out plaintext-2.txt

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